Gnome Chinese Checkers

Latest Version : 1.9.0

Last Revised : March 3, 2003


Gnome Chinese Checkers is an implementation of the Chinese Checkers board game. It includes a server that can support upto 6 players, all of whom connect from their own clients. The game includes added goodies like an integrated chat window, automatic player rotation, computer bots, and more. This game is dedicated to Nadia Haq, a good friend with whom I've wasted away countless hours playing board games like this.


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I just released (after a long time), a new version. The basic news is that it is now ported to Gnome 2.0, along with many changes that such a port entails.


I am Loban A. Rahman, a studying at the California Institute of Technology. To learn more about me, you can visit my homepage, or email me. I am an ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) major, but I dabble in Computer Science quite a bit. I love programming, and this is one of several little projects I have. I also enjoy travelling, and have been to many countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. If you like my stuff, please email me and tell me where you're from!


SourceForge Logo Please visit the SourceForge Project Page

It has a lot of dependencies that are not yet part of mainstream distributions, so you can download many of the required RPMS here; compiled for a Mandrake 9.0 system, but should work in other distributions too.


Here is a list of the main dependencies needed to compile and run Gnome Chinese Checkers:

        libsigc++               1.2.0
        gtk+                    2.0.0
        gtkmm                   1.3.0
        libgnomeui              2.0.0
        libgnomeuimm            1.3.0
        libgnomecanvas          2.0.0
        libgnomecanvasmm        2.0.0
        libglade                2.0.0
        libglademm              2.0.0
        Gconf                   1.2.0
        gconfmm                 2.0.0
        gnet                    1.1.0

Some packages above have their own dependencies, but most people have those. (Remember to install the -devel packages if you installed binary packages and want to compile Gnome Chinese Checkers from source).